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Campaign Notes So Far

Day 1: First session stuff Jeff’s character disappeared after crushing a gem Killed 2 x giant ant (CR 2), party of 6 – 600/6 = 100 Killed 1 x Black Pudding Ooze (CR 7), party of 6 – 2700/6 = 450 Blew up 1 x crushing stone trap (CR 10), party of 5 – 7200/3 = 2400 30 gp for a painting 1350 for trophy Triggered a CR 3 pit trap 80 gp for tapestry Disabled a CR 5 stone block trap – 1200 compass multi-colored lens glasses (non-magical) 8,000 copper coins (80 gp) gemstone – alexandrite (500 gp) 880 gold coins (880 gp)

Jon – saved the monk and found map room – 100+450+1200=2000 Jim – killing many things – 100+450+1000=2000 Rob – saved the monk, saved the rogue – 100+450+2400=2950 Monk – 100+450+2400=2950 Cleric – 100+450+2400=2950

Beltumal – attendant of the knights templar Party given free room package given to Rob’s character at desk of Gaarl’s Nugget

1200 gp 4 aquamarine garnet (400 gp each) Ring of Evasion

Jim’s character has a wild night of drinking

Day 2: Jim’s character bathes at Obad-Hai’s shower complex shop runs Jim’s character finds ghost with century old armor Jim and ghost go to Khord’s Shield tavern Rob’s character finds ghost who speaks ancient goblin rune from airship mission means chaos temple is gateway for ghosts

Day 3: party in Bastion buys gear Jeff appears in Altus Jeff starts walking to town 50 miles away Party is dropped off by airship airship fetches Jeff masterwork throwing axe from armory ring from corpse golden yellow topaz Jon gets CON damage reaching for topaz off of corpse defeated 3 dire wolves, 2 ran away found out about quick death from library, also mentions arena find town map find 17 pp, 3 tiger eye turquoises (10 gp) in mansion defeated 1 young green dragon 18000 sp, 3 bloodstone, 3xsummon swarm divine scroll, 1xprotection from good arcane scroll, magic weapon (oil), 1xTenser’s floating disk arcane scroll, 3xremove fear arcane scroll, bag of holding type III from dragon found velvet cloak with moonstone broach in ampitheater

Day 4: defeated earth elemental 500 gp from whore house Jon’s character died defeated 4 trolls 5 blue diamonds, 1300 gp from trolls 1370 XP gained each

Session 4: (day 4) Tried slashing and fire on flesh gate Jeff’s character mines gold ore (60 gp) Killed 5 Salamanders
  • 170 pp
  • Magic Weapon (oil)
  • pearl of power, 1st level spell Rob betrays evil cleric and takes fire damage from the orb bound her with 21 use rope check
Day 5: Defeated 2 Trolls
  • 1,040 gold coins (1040 gp)
  • gemstone – white pearl (100 gp)
  • gemstone – fiery yellow corundum (600 gp)
  • (Monk wants) a single bracelet made of heavy gold and set with six small blue-white diamonds, the bracelet’s edges cut in curlicues (7000 gp)
  • a golden flute, of delicate workmanship and mirror-smooth finish (300 gp)
  • (Monk wants) a death mask of a noble, bearded male visage, made of beaten gold (30 gp)
  • gold-plated corkscrew with a bloodstone set into each tip of the handle a golden ball, dimpled from use but still brightly polished, 3-inch-diameter sphere of solid gold (140 gp)
  • rope of entanglement (21000 gp) Defeated 6 minor, 1 lesser flame snake
  • red garnet (20 gp)
  • jet (40 gp)
  • divine scroll of pass without a trace
  • arcane scroll of slow
  • staff of destruction 1350 for Will and Evil Cleric 2400 for everyone else Use poison on the flesh gate Call airship Airship crashes in mountains 600 to Jon for brag 800 to Jeff for brag 100 to Rob for brag 450 to Jeff and Rob for evil cleric battle meet up with paladin group paladins are in search of weather related artifact nearest town is 80 miles away with farms closer, no horses monk told group that temple built by extraplanar beings, no one studies there adventurers have been lost there party decides to sell staff to paladins rather than return it
  • 38000 gp and belt of dwarvenkind for staff of destruction fly to Bastian on airship get remainder of 38000 gp Jeff goes to Gruumsh temple for ritual everyone else takes free lodging in Pelor temple

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